What is ”Slowotok"?

”Slowotok” is a language school of Polish as a foreign language.

Its students can choose aconvenient option of a location where the lessons are provided: starting from our classrooms, through the classes in the company or at the  student’s home and ending up with the on-line lessons. Furthermore, we join the advantages of the traditional lessons supervised by the teacher with the independent learning in free time: our students may use the on-line materials developed by us and the accounts in the applications intended for learning a foreign language. We also use the popular and common social media services as YouTube and Facebook. Therefore, our students are immersed in Polish and maintain a permanent contact with it, in any place and at any time. 

Who has figured this out?

It is just me, Aneta Szymkiewicz, who is responsible for an idea of the ”Slowotok” company. I have been involved in Polish as a foreign language since 1998, that is the last century. :-). As a teacher, trainer of  teachers, co-author of course books and materials for learning Polish.
An idea of the language courses with a teacher, but in the different places of the city so the students are close to the classrooms, is a logical solution in the mobile world. Similarly, as transferring a school office to the coworking zone. And all the more, providing a support of learning with the modern technologies, which are used by everybody in the free time.

As you can learn everywhere, since Polish is everywhere. Simply :-).

I’m a co-author of the course books: ”Hurra!!! Po polsku”, ”Krok po kroku”, ”Polski w pracy”
and an educational board game ”Smacznego - Od słowa do słowa”

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Professional teachers mean a certain effect of learning

Teachers constitute the greatest value of the ”Slowotok” school.

They graduated from higher schools and have several years of experience in conducting lessons.
Our teachers are enthusiastic about teaching, they are open-headed and willing to improve themselves. As being teacher is not only a profession, but also a feature of your character :-).

The teachers in ”Slowotok” are Poles – native speakers, but some of them also come from Ukraine therefore they effectively run classes for Slavs and  Russian speaking persons.

But during the classes there is no opportunity to have a chat in Russian or English – they speak only Polish during classes.

Our teachers

Mariola Fiema

She likes when learning a foreign language becomes a cultural adventure. Patient, sympathetic and always ready for a partnership cooperation. A student, regardless of age, is first and foremost like an educational partner, who should take decisions about own language development. Experienced in working with the adults, also these advanced in terms of their age.
I'm patient, sympathetic and always ready for a partnership cooperation. I'm experienced in working with the adults

Gosia Jasińska-Panek

Works with the adults and specializes in an individual approach to learning a language, seeks for the most effective and often non-standard methodical solutions adjusted to the needs of her students. Makes attempts to improvise and provide a support.
I always seek for the most effective methodical solutions adjusted to the needs of my students.

Paulina Kuzawińska

Experienced in conducting the group, and individual classes. During courses, she places a special emphasis on the correct pronunciation. Specializes in teaching the Slavic groups.
I'm experienced in conducting the group, and individual classes. I specialize in teaching the Slavic groups.

Magda Mrówczyńska

Graduated from of the Pedagogical University of Cracow and the Wrocław University of Economics. She studied in Poland, England and Germany. A practitioner of the neuro-linguistic programming. Interested in psychology of communication and multiculturalism.
I'm a practitioner of the neuro-linguistic programming, interested in psychology of communication and multiculturalism.

Basia Sosnowska-Babik

I have been teaching Polish for several years and I still love this job! I like games, so I often use them during the lessons with children and adults. It turns out that adults like to play no less than children. Children, however, remain my greatest passion and specialty. Their honesty and spontaneity make each lesson a unique adventure.
I like games, so I often use them during the lessons with children and adults.

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We are recommended

  • "Slowotok" was advised by my friend who had passed the Polish exam at B1 level with 90%. I used to learn this beautiful but very difficult language at home. There are so many exceptions and so many difficult rules that you can't actually learn well on your own. For this, I enrolled in the Polish course in "Slowotok". The school assumes direct contact with the language, the lessons were funny and enjoyable. A creative approach to teach students allowed me quickly to correct grammar, fix errors in pronunciation and pass the Polish Exam at the B1 level. I highly recommend "Slowotok".
    Tania Koval
  • My cooperation with ”Slowotok” and Aneta Szymkiewicz over many years, has been fruitful and fun all the way. Learning Polish is not easy. But it is possible. I have been studying under Aneta Szymkiewicz’s supervision in a one-to-one setting, in a class room setting and on Skype. All three ways of working have given excellent results. It has been fun and challenging at the same time. Aneta’s talent is her great focus and capacity for work. Her psychological understanding of humans. Her humour combined with earnesty. Nothing seems to be too much. With a steady hand, ”Slowotok” school has guided me towards both Polish exams B1 and B2. Now let’s see if we should reach for C1?
    Louisa von Weiler from Denmark
  • There are a lot of language schools in Cracow, but the best decision of our family consisted in joining the ”Slowotok” school three years ago. I have a flexible work schedule and I like to work in a team. Ms. Aneta has proposed me a group at the A1 level. From my point of view a group of 4-5 persons is the most convenient! Apart from a new scope of the language knowledge, during the classes I have found new friends and I have got to know a great deal of the useful information about life in Poland. Thanks to these lessons I have not experienced any language barrier and I have taken part in many professional workshops and meetings. Now, I am at level B1 and I am preparing for an exam. My son attends the American school. He has a few classes in Polish, but we have decided that it is not enough. Now, my son has the lessons with the best teacher for children – Ms. Basia. My son likes these classes very much and he has never been bored :). For a long time, husband has had no time to participate in lessons of Polish language, because he often travels. Ms. Aneta has found a solution even for him – an individual course. A teacher from the ”Slowotok” school arrives to his office and my husband has lessons in the lunch time or after his work. I cordially recommend the ”Slowotok” school since everybody can find the most convenient course for themselves and their family!
    Anna Spiridonova from Russia
    Photographer. anna-spiridonova.com
  • Living and working in a different country brings many challenges but one is common to everyone going through this experience: Should I learn the language or not? In my case, I had the ambition to learn Polish from day 1 despite many ''warnings'' that Polish is quite difficult and requires a lot of work. Maybe the warning gave me even more determination to pursue my decision, but after a while the language stopped being a mysterious and impossible to read, and became more clear and actually funny to follow! Being a student again after many years brought back memories and was a gentle reminder that one should be learning all the time! If you stop learning, you stop thinking! An learning a new language brought down so many barriers of communication, made me more integrated into day-to-day conversations and activities that I would not imagine now, not learning the language of the country where you live. The joy and sense of achievement when you read your first sentence or you have a small conversation on the supermarket or restaurant is simply priceless! So, the answer to the question in the begging is: AB-SO-LU-TE-LY! J Enjoy Poland po Polsku!
    Nuno Sousa from Portugal
    Philip Morris company
  • Taking classes with ”Slowotok” was one the smartest decission I took while living in Poland. I started with group lessons and added individual lesson later. ”Slowotok” is having Polish classes - not only about Polish language but also with informations about Polish culture, cuisine, history and much more. They really helped me to discover a lot, from simple things like buying vegetable in Plac Imbramowski or antiques in Hala Targowa (and beeing able to do so in Polish) to enjoying my life in Krakow.
    Aurelia Purkarea from Romania

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